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About Lucia Py

Lucia Py, an experimental plastic artist, lives and works in São Paulo. She is an artist that is concerned with the theoretical foundation’s needs. She works in institutional, alternative and urban spaces with works on large dimensions, using the space as support, language and/or circumstance.

Since 1966, she has worked in urban areas and in the main museums of the country with individual, appropriations, interference, facilities and scenes. She researches the “the same on the other” multiplied object, by the magic to be unique within the mass production. Looking for the perfect spot on the union of bastard material with the noble, and the fascination research in the dialectic of opposites.

She has pieces of art in various collections and museums, such as:

  • Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo
  • MAM – Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo
  • Acervo do Palácio do Governo do Estado de São Paulo
  • Assembléia Legislativa do Estado de São Paulo
  • Acervo Yázigi
  • Espaço Cultural Sonilton Alves
  • Acervo Meta 29
  • Novosibirsky State Art Museum (Rússia)
  • Sindicato dos Jornalistas Profissionais do Estado de São Paulo (Brasil)
  • National Center for Contemporary Art Moscou (Rússia)
  • Museu Gráfico Contemporâneo – Anexo Academia de Arte Gráfico (San Petersburgo, Rússia).


Photo 360 graus - Atelier Lucia Py

The Baroque style deals with circularity issues of time and space. Lucia Py asserts that she looks for the circularity, after being asked if she has some fascination for the 15th century art. She says that in one of our meetings, sitting in the studio, next to her lines traced with linearly.

The artist performs her pieces of art always viewing the present time, but with the feeling of taking always into account the past experiences. ‘It is the looking of the soul essence’, she asserts. My imagination flies when she speaks in that way and I am almost taken by lethargy to see the physical landscape around me.

Words and objects are mixed at a speed that I try to achieve in the following minutes”.

Washington de Carvalho Neves – texto/fragments,
journalist specialized in visual arts